Wednesday 21 December 2016

Thunder Warriors: Converting: The Emperor of Mankind: WIP #2

My God-Emperor of Mankind conversion has had a bit more work done to him - he's now got a head, a combi-bolter, and a great big flaming sword. I've got a couple of wreaths on order to add to the heads on his knee and shoulder, and obviously he needs the big greenstuff cloak and mantle. But he's getting there!

Click to see his sword

Monday 19 December 2016

Khorne & Thunder Warriors: Converting: Techno-Barbarian Berserkers

Khorne clearly owns my soul. I'm working on a Unification-Era project, and decide to add some of the Emperor's foes, gene-bulked techno-berserkers. And then accidentally manage to make new models for my Daemonkin Army. Ah well! Here we have my first three three frothing mad berserkers. I'm no longer clear if they're from pre-Unity Terra, or the Khornate hoards of the 41st Millennium, or from Angron's pit-fighting pals in Nuceria: but they're definitely not just Age of Sigmar Khornate characters any more.

Two more pics and conversion parts listed here

Saturday 17 December 2016

Thunder Warriors: Converting: The Emperor of Mankind: WIP #1

My Thunder Warriors have to have a big impressive centrepiece, someone to lead them who can count as Logan Grimnar or Abaddon or a Demon Prince. So armed with a power fist, a power sword, and a big bolter... The person who led the Thunder Warriors, obviously, was the Emperor. GW hasn't made a model for the Big Man, and none of the 3rd party models can be used at GW events, so I really wanted a suitable GW model to convert. For a while I flirted with using one of the Primarchs, then I remembered Inquisitor, the GW 54mm game. Captain Artemis was a possibility, he's a good Space Marine to base things off, but ultimately I ended up falling in love with the mixture of elaborate detail and brutal power that Witchhunter Tyrus has. This is the Emperor a few centuries before the classic GW paintings, the Emperor when he was unifying Terra not leading the Great Crusade or facing down Horus.

Some more musings on the model here

Monday 28 November 2016

Thunder Warriors: Converting: The First Thunder Warriors

The start of a new army! I'm a terrible hobby butterfly, never able to concentrate... Anyway. I've always loved the Thunder Warriors, with their distinctive overlapping banded shoulder pads, their epic helmet crests, their old-fashioned early armour design that is clearly the ancestor of but different to Space Marine Power Armour, and their brutal attitude. They were the Emperor's first genetically modified army, precursor to the Custodes and the Astartes, the army with which he conquered Terra.

Conversion bits and another 9 dudes here

Wednesday 11 May 2016

Khorne: Converting: Converted Orruk Megaboss

Long time, no posting... Sorry about that! Here's something to make up for it: a conversion of the new Age of Sigmar Orruk Megaboss. Original plan was possibly for a pre-discovery Angron, but he's just too big and I didn't have a head that fitted which could be Angron (was tempted by the Ogre head with the chainmail face mask for a bit?) Instead he's ended up as a mini-Daemon Prince, some sort of Terminator Lord on the path to ascension. In game I'll probably run him as a Lord-on-Jugger, have him join the Bone Collectors (my Bloodcrushers).

Conversion bits and more views here

Monday 25 May 2015

Khorne: Painting: 'Rage of the Dying Race': Converted Herald completed

Of all the races of the galaxy, the Eldar's souls shine brightest in the Warp. 10,000 years ago this led to their doom, when the echoes of their lusts combined to form a new god, Slaanesh, whose birth tore the Eldar Empire apart and created the Great Eye. Ever since, the Eldar have sought to control their emotions, to prevent such an event from happening again. But it is a hard road, and anger is one emotion it is hard to contain. The Rage of the Dying Race is a Herald of Khorne, formed from the overflowing fury of the Eldar: every time that an Exarch screams hatred at their foes; an Exodite vows revenge on aliens who have stepped upon their world; a Corsair spits in fury at an ambush gone wrong; or an ousted Archon curses their exile from Commorragh.

Another photo and WIP shot of my CSMs here

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Khorne: Converting: Jugger-Helbrute

The cheapest Blood Host is a Slaughtercult plus a standard Helbrute. So if I want to get a Blood Host into a 500pts battle, a Helbrute seems a good choice! As I had Dark Vengeance sitting around, this was a quick-and-dirty addition to the force.

Converting thoughts here