Thursday, 23 October 2014

AdMech: Converting & Painting: Painting my Dark Mechanicus Daemon-Knight Conversions

What is the Omnissiah? As the Mysteries of the Cult Mechanicus tells us, "The Omnissiah Knows All, Comprehends All" and "A Soul Can Only Be Bestowed By The Omnissiah". So what is the repository for all knowledge and souls? What contains every thought, every feeling, every comprehension? The answer is obviously: the Warp, the Empyrean, the Sea of Souls. The Warp is the Omnissiah, and so the Warp is that which should be worshipped. The Emperor was a powerful psyker, using the power of the Warp, nothing more and nothing less. And so to power our machines, to give them souls, we draw down spirits from the Empyrean. A Soul Can Only Be Bestowed By The Warp...

I've been splashing paint around furiously! I started painting these guys on Sunday 19th. With any luck, I'll get them finished tonight and can then say that I've painted 1,500 pts in a week (and can enter them into Armies on Parade). Rubbish camera phone photo I'm afraid (I've got no time to take good photos!), but just to show that they do have some paint on:

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