Tuesday, 21 October 2014

AdMech: Converting: Dark Mechanicus Daemon-Knights of the Unblinking Eye

It is the end of the 41st millennium, and the Imperium seems on the brink of collapse. Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade is pouring out of the Eye of Terror, Armaggeddon has been consumed in a terrible third war, the Tyranids are tearing through the galaxy, and mankind's defenders are stretched to their very limit. In the Eastern Fringe, the Turan Sector has declared their secession from the Imperium of Mankind, under the influence of the shadowy Thaalax Eldar. As an Imperial Crusade led by Inquisitor Lord Mergulus sweeps into the Sector from to reclaim the worlds for the Emperor, in the opposite direction the Fraktaal Warp-storm disgorges daemonic legions to feast on the rotting carcasses of the Turan worlds. Across the entire Turan Sector, Chaos cults answer the daemonic call, and rise up in an orgy of violence... The Turan Sector is caught between the vengeful Imperial forces and the destructive hoards of Chaos. 

From the Knight World of Demiterra, the Knights of House Nordcote answer the call for aid from their twin world, the Forgeworld Nemusordo. They descend to the planet's surface to fight for the Imperial Omnissiah against Turan secessionists and Chaos cultists alike. Whilst beseiging the Chaos-corrupted Forge previously known as the Omnissiah's Gaze, now known as the Unblinking Eye, they encounter a truly terrible foe - Dark Mechanicus Daemon-Knights, twisted combinations of vat-grown warp-infused flesh and rune-etched desecrated metal, each towering foe unique and insane.

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