Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Hello, World


This blog is for me to talk about wargaming: any random converted wargames models I make, any crazy army lists I draw up, etc.

I've been gaming and converting since 40k 2nd edition- my first model was a free Necromunda Goliath from the cover of White Dwarf... My main focus has always been Orks and Orkoids: I've collected Goths, Blood Axes-in-looted-Marine-armour, an army of Snotlings (using the Lost & the Damned rules), and Gretchin converted to look like different Imperial Guard regiments (using Codex: Imperial Guard). And I was a huge fan of GorkaMorka! I'm currently also making Adeptus Mechanicus like crazy.

I've got a triumvirate of wargaming blogs. is for my Adeptus Mechanicus conversions, is for my orkoid lunacy, and this one here will be for any other random conversions I make. I'm currently converting a True-Scale Deathwatch squad, for example. I'll also link to any Grot or Adeptus Mechanicus posts I make from here.

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