Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Converting & Painting: Viking Gnomes for D&D

These little dudes were made for a D&D game. I played a Gnome Barbarian/Fighter, with the Leadership feat and a War Canoe full of Gnome followers.

The game was being run by one of my friends from Viking re-enactment. So we thought it would be fun to base all of my follower Gnomes on our mutual Viking re-enactment friends (most of whom also played the D&D game).

My Gnomes were more like the Nac Mac Feegle 'Pictsies' in Terry Pratchett than traditional D&D Gnomes. Racially Gnomes (brown skin, black hair, moustache & goatees); culturally Vikings; but with the attitude (problems) of the Feegles.

They're a mix of Goblin, Night Goblin, Catachan, Empire free company, High Elf archer, Skeleton and Bretonnian bits. And Green Stuff.

And here they are all painted, to a basic standard. They've all got dark skin, black hair and goatees (as D & D says all gnomes have these). They also have blue facepaint, to make them more Feegle. I tried to use a similar palette to make them all individual yet uniform.

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