Monday, 29 November 2010

Converted Verminlord

I don't really play WFB, but ever since I first saw the WFB Ogre standard top I knew I wanted to somehow use it as the head of a verminlord. Finally GW released the plastic Chaos Daemonprince, and the time was right! Sadly a couple of other mighty fine converters had the idea of using the Daemonprince first (one using the classic metal head and one with a rat ogre's head), so my model isn't quite as original as it could have been. Ah well!

My model should be fairly self-explanatory. One DP, one Ogre standard, one Rat Ogre tail, and vast amounts of greenstuff shoved on top of anywhere that had chaos-y symbols. Most of the greenstuff was just turned into fur, which is easy, but changing the daemon-face on the belt buckle into a horned rat was a bit more complex.

As I say, I don't collect WFB. So I've given the model as a birthday present to one of my good friends who does collect Skaven. Hopefully he'll give it a fitting paintjob and it can find a home in his army...

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