Friday, 25 June 2010

Book: Nagash the Unbroken

The Time of Legends series just isn't as good as the Horus Heresy, sadly.

Despite this, there are some entertaining bits in the book. It's book two in the "Rise of Nagash" trilogy. The first book detailed Nagash discovering necromancy, taking over Khemri, and finally being confronted by an alliance of all the other city states. This book looks at the aftermath: Nagash trying to regain his strength, whilst in Lahmia the ruling cabal begin investigations into his dark magic...

The book jumps between the two stories quite a lot, despite the fact that the Nagash storyline is really rather boring and very little happens. However the Lahmia plot is more fun, with lots of secret plans and experiments- and it's nice to see the history of the vampires being explored properly.

All-in-all, this book is very much about the build-up to book three. I was hoping we'd see Nagash's destruction of Khemri in book two, and assumed we were building to that as a magnificent finale, but it wasn't to be. I'd recommend it to compulsive fluff-addicts, Vampyre Count or Tomb Kings players, but probably not to most people.

So yes. It's perfectly readable, but it's not Aaron Dembski-Bowden by a long way!

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